Job shadowing

In between September and December 2018 1 staff member or youth worker from every partner organization will have job-shadowing mobility in another partner organization. During the job shadowing the participants will be partly participating in host organization daily activities, analyzing their online identity and working on divided parts of the OER and manual content – the share of the parts shall be organized prior departure according to the potential contribution of host organization and profile of the participant it hosts.

Please get to know our Job shadowers!!!

Namaste! I am Sagar Ghimire, a fellow Nepali currently working as a project manager in Career Disha Nepal (sister organization of VHS Bhaktapur). I will be joining CODEC in November to explore the possibilities of digital marketing in Belgium during the job-shadowing. Visiting and working in CODEC, I wish to learn among other; the media and youth culture, work ethics as well as plans to use my enthusiasm in the hosting organization. I shall be attending youth focused workshop/training in Belgium for the first part of my Job-shadowing. Through the training,  I shall be able to later hold and disseminate similar training in Brussels.

Believe it or not, my life-long dream has been to try Belgian waffles and chocolates.

I want to be the change I want to see in the world; following the great words pursued by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Diana Goncalves from Portugal, going to BVBP Peru

Social Worker since 2010, i’m working in Geoclube – Youth Association since 2013, and I’am Project Coordinator, responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of several projects at national and European level. I’m highly experienced as a Social Worker and have a special interest for social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, promoting activities that work towards this issue. PlusI’m a Trainer in the Vocational Professional and Educational Training School CINDOR, where I provide professional training in the areas of Entrepreneurship; Techniques for job hunting and Communication skills; Helath and Work Safety.

This Jobsadowing will be a great opportunity to develop my skills as a Social Worker, with special focus on the social media and communication field. Plus, I will have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience, exchanging good practices with the Peruan Organization that will host me during this period.

Ingrid van der Heijden, from CODEC Belgium going to CSDS Vietnam

– A motto: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain’
I work with young people with multiple disabilities. Besides that, in my fee time I love to sports, travel, listen to music and do weekly animation work children at a refugee centre.

I would love to discover new ways on to promote ongoing projects on social media and how to keep the page interesting to the different followers.


Hey there! This is Yuri, from Costa Rica, based in Italy.

I have been in Europe for a decade now, pursuing learning and growth and looking for a future. After discovering my interest for Communication and experimenting with Public Relations, Social Media and Visual Communication, now I am attending an Undergraduate course of Graphic Design. My current aim is to get all the secrets of a successful and persuasive communication, to apply it within the Third sector for the social development of our societies.

Thanks to YouNet, Erasmus+ and Digital CommanDEOR, I am ready for Bogotá!

I am willing to get to know the Colombian culture and its history, so near to the one of my native country. I also hope in a productive sharing of skills upon those topics so dear to me, and to learn about the history of visual communication the hosting culture has to show: I myself hope to be able to give my small contribution to its present through my few skills.

ICYE Colombia, I’m coming!


Hi, My name is Sergio Torres and I come from Colombia, I represent ICYE Colombia and I will be doing the jobShadowing in Italy with YouNet on September.

I believe life is to share experiences and learneveryday, thatswhy I lovetalkingwithpeople and travelaroundtheworld, becausealways I facewith new experiences and people.

I concider my self really good in listening and understanding,additionaly I am great working with teens, I got a lot of experience working with youth people, since I worked with them for two years helping them to get into a public University in Colombia, because in Colombia is really difficult to study in the university for people with scarces resources.

Then I did my volunteering with ICYE in UK, after a year I came back to my country and I stared working in ICYE Colombia as a coworker helping and accompanying the Volunteers in Colombia. Most of my work is related to support and advise them in their year in my country.

I so excitedtovisitItalyagaing after twoyears. I fell in lovewiththat country when I visteditforthefirst time, thepeopleis so warm and every place havesomekindofmagic.

I wouldliketomeet new friends in Italy, Know new places and learn a lotfromYouNet, specialyhowthey use their Social Media forgetclosertotheyouth and ifispossiblelearn a bit ofitalian.

I justcan’twaitto be there 😀


My name is Ha and I am from Vietnam. Recently, I am working at Center for Sustainable Development Studies as a Communication Officer. It’s a pleasure for me to have chance to represent my organization in the Job shadowing at GeoClub in Portugal this September. I’ve been working in managing social media and with young Vietnamese people for one and a half year and really enjoying this job. The longer I work here the more I believe in the power of youth in making the world a better place. Even when it’s about 3 months more till the job shadowing happens, I still feel super excited and hope that I can learn lots of experience in working with students from my peers in GeoClub and also discover the Portuguese culture. I always believe that everything is possible as long as you want to do it :))”
Tobias Harpsøe will go from Denmark on the Jobshaddowing in Nepal.

With more than 12 years in youth work, Tobias is now positioned as the Youth Cultural Coordinator In Høje Taastrup Municipality in the suburbs of Copenhagen. With a background in youth unemployment, sport and democracy work – he is now continuing this work in a public office.

He has travelled around most of Europe as well as the Middle East conducting dialogue seminars and increasing youth participation in democratic actions and activities. He has a strong background inside the use of sport as a tool to interact with young people and has been a volleyball coach for more than 12 years.

Hello! I’m Miguel and I live in Peru. I am currently the president of the Brigade of Bolivarian Volunteers of Peru (BVBP). I’m an engineer in food industries and a computer technician and graphic designer. I have experience as a camp leader and project manager.

Manage publications, social networks and the BVBP website

I participate in several trainings and projects in the field of international volunteering (Erasmus +, CCIVS, etc.)

I was a participant in the international program “Young Leaders in Action” in Canada and Peru for six months with the NGO Canada World Youth and the BVBP.

I am happy to be able to participate in job shadowing in Denmark and get new experiences to share with my organization.

I believe that technology is a powerful tool that can change people’s lives and generate development opportunities for youth.