Mobile apps helps you edit text to fit a social media platform’s character limit.

Fontjoy is a website that helps you discover complementary fonts for your design projects. Sometimes, multiple fonts in a quote graphic, blog design, or other online project add extra appeal to the final design. The fonts can make separate ideas or elements distinct. For instance, in a pull quote, you might use one font for the quote and another for the source

 Adobe Scan is a powerhouse capture app for creating PDFs. The app uses your phone’s camera to scan images and text into a PDF. Because Adobe Scan has optical character recognition (OCR), you can then start copying and pasting the text you just scanned. OCR also makes the content of your scans searchable.

With Sticky AI, you can convert selfies into stickers or GIFs. is a timesaver for social media marketers who calculate percentage increases and decreases for their reports

Plotagraph is a cool app that animates images with magical effects.

Hemingway Editor helps you improve your writing. The free, browser-based editor gives you a grade-level assessment and highlights where you might need help with grammar, sentence structure, and word choices as you write.

Anchor is a free tool for recording and sharing audio, and the app’s Anchor Video feature can generate animated audio transcripts. These animated transcripts are a great way to promote a podcast (or other audio) by sharing brief animated clips on social media.

AFS, which stands for Advanced Facebook Search, is a cool Chrome plugin that suggests search options you can’t even imagine are available, such as a page where someone is tagged or videos a person likes.

AnyImage is a cool, browser-based tool for posting images to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+. It is especially helpful for anyone who wants to post images as social cards but doesn’t have access to the back end of their website.

MyTimeZone is a browser plugin that helps you convert a time from one time zone to another. After you install the plugin, highlight a time on a web page, in an email, or anywhere a time appears in your web browser.

Landscape by Sprout Social streamlines the work of sizing and cropping images for social media

Magisto is a cool video editing tool that uses artificial intelligence to sync video to music and apply an editing style.

 SwiftKey is a cool mobile keyboard that learns how you type, your phrases, and so forth. The more you use SwiftKey, the better it can predict what you want to type. is a great resource when you need inspiration for your social media marketing.

WhatTheFont is a cool mobile app for iOS and Android that helps you identify fonts quickly and easily.

Buffer. has been in the social media management space for quite some time, and they are a respectable platform that allows you to manage multiple social profiles with ease.

Reach more prospects with in-app advertising. AdMob from Google displays ads from millions of advertisers with the ability to earn from over 40 networks. The tool includes the ability to use engaging videos and free, unlimited analytics. Choose your incentives with their simple interface that does not require knowledge of code. Free templates are included for native ads to improve your reach.

Create better app experiences and drive up your engagement. Localytics centralizes your data all in one place, which provides a complete picture of your target audience. Start engaging your followers through push notifications, messaging, and remarketing methods. Their comprehensive campaign reports include A/B message testing for continued improvement and performance.

Gather insights in real time that will improve your business outcomes. Amplitude helps you to see how your users are navigating your apps, which features are engaging them the most, and why they stay or leave. This smart resource will improve your product development and customer communication.

Share hand-picked specific content for your social audience. Quuu gathers selections from over 300 different interest categories specifically geared toward your audience. Choose which suggestions are right for your brand, and schedule with Buffer or Hubspot. The team at Quuu will handle everything for you, or you can manually approve what gets shared.

Effectively tell your brand story on social media. Zest makes the process simple by enhancing your marketing, advertising, PR and lead generation campaigns through social networking and website presence development services. With this resource, you’ll be able to incorporate your social networks into existing business communications for the most exposure online. Their services include copywriting, website design, graphic design, analytic reports, and more.

Communicate more effectively with your buyers through social media. Yotpo helps you manage customer service, reviews, and photos for an improved customer journey. Increase brand trust and build social proof with more conversions with this simple tool. Collect customer content and share it on your networks while creating more brand visibility at the same time.

Turn your content into eye-catching videos your audience will love. Rocketium is a video creation tool that allows you to quickly put together a professional clip without any design or video experience. Choose from their extensive list of styles and copyright free images. Format your videos for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. with either square or portrait configurations. You can even invite team members to collaborate with you on any project.

Instantly publish your new content to social media through WordPress. Publicize by JetPack allows you to share right away or schedule the best time for your networks. The dashboard gives you several platforms to choose from including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Google Plus

Ambassador is a precise referral marketing tool that helps you find the right influencers and customers for your brand. Increase your signups through targeted campaigns with performance tracking and reward incentives that will help increase your sales. The dashboard is easy to follow, and includes automated workflows and pre-built templates and designs.

Would you like to reach more Fans and followers on social media? There is a simple way to help you spread the word without the spam. Viral Content Bee is a web-based resource that uses a crowd-sourcing model to help you generate more engagement online. Improve your social signals through organic sharing and help your tweets and posts go viral.